Legal Fees

The firm offers its clients total transparency in the invoicing of its fees, whatever the nature of the cases.

The fixing of the legal fees shall comply with the requirements established in article 10 of the french law n° 71-1130 of 1971, and National internal Regulation Act of French lawyer profession, article 11.2. The legal fees are set freely by the client and the lawyer during the first meeting. A contract must be signed between them, except in case of emergency or force majeure.

A flat fee

Can apply in cases where the procedure’s duration and the volume of services are foreseeable for the lawyer, previously discussed and agreed with the client

A fee base on the hourly rate of the firm

in most cases, discussed and agreed with the client.

An additional performance fee

can be agreed and must be backed by a flat or hourly rate fee


Fees calculated on a hourly rate are paid on a provisional basis and may be subject to periodic invoicing and payment.

The counts are established according to the following method :

- invoicing : by act or monthly,

- the client can request the time spent in his file as soon as he wishes,

In addition, the VAT/GST can be added, the current rate is 6%

The fees cover all the work performed, the time spent in the context of the negotiations or procedures, in particular, the appointments, the telephone interviews, the study of the file with regard to the documents communicated by the client and the adversary, the preparation writings and their corrections, research on case law and doctrine, advice and assistance.

The fees do not cover the debits, expenses and costs which are invoiced by external parties, and in particular, the applicant lawyers, the bailiffs, the experts, the lawyers to the Councils or which result directly from the accomplishment of the missions, costs transport, catering and hotels.


The flat fees are fixed by reference to the time usually spent by the lawyer for the processing of the files in execution of his mission.